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TeamViewer QuickSupport

Please click the blue icon below to download the latest version of my remote support application. The downloaded zip archive ( inside your "Downloads" folder) can be easily unpacked with a double-click in the Finder. After starting the TeamViewer QuickSupport application please let me know your ID and passphrase, which will allow a secure connection between us where I will be able to see your screen and control your mouse and keyboard.

TeamViewer QuickSupport Download Link

TeamViewer QuickSupport Mac On

Screenshots Manual – OS X & iOS

For me as a system administrator it's very helpful if you keep records of technical problems, ideally with detailed information and screenshots. This manual is all about the built-in screen capture possibilities of macOS and iOS with information for novices and also experts (e.g. customization options like change the screenshots file format and saving location or disable the window drop shadow). You can download it as a PDF if you click on the red icon below.

portable document format

Finder Shortcuts Manual – OS X

Apple started working on how to make computers as easy to use as possible in the 80s and introduced the first Apple Macintosh in 1984. For many years computer experts smiled at the single button mouse Apple invented to navigate through the graphical user interface of the operating system and applications. It was very easy to use for beginners and an important part of the success of Apple in the consumer computer market. But even today many people (including some "experts") don't know the Mac OS was always adapted to interface with the single button design using keystrokes in combination with button clicks to recreate some of the features desired from the original Xerox three-button mouse. For example, the control key is mostly used to simulate the second button and to get context menus. The software developers at Apple always had fun including (mostly undocumented) shortcuts as "hidden features" inside the operating system. To get an idea of it, this manual provides an overview of the most important and helpful shortcuts of the Apple Finder. You can download it as a PDF if you click on the red icon below.

Adobe PDF

Email Signing & Encryption

On my blog you will find a comprehensive article about GnuPG and PGP on macOS, explaining in detail the use of the GPG Suite and Apple Mail, respectively PGP and Microsoft Outlook 2019, for novice users. Some helpful iOS apps with GPG/PGP support are also discussed.

My blog is German, but if I receive requests, I can translate the articles into English.

signed and encrypted Apple Mail