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Classic Communication Channels

Mobile: +49 151 400 69 699

mail, send a message or call

Please note that requests from new customers will only be accepted by e-mail.

If you describe your technical problems in general (and leave your complete contact data), I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please feel free to make an appointment for a telephone call to clarify further details in advance.

Additional Communication Tools

Zoom: 304-069-6929
Whereby: maconberlin
Threema: WDZUA3RT
Signal: +49 151 40069699
Keybase: macmarcl

modern messengers

S/MIME secured E-Mail

If you are interested, you can download my current X.509 certificate for S/MIME secured e-mails here:

S/MIME cert

SHA1 fingerprint of my X.509 certificate (valid until 2025-03-08):

7E B3 DE AF D5 9A 1F 25 55 23 81 DE CB F4 C7 37 A8 D6 2C 8E

The corresponding GlobalSign Intermediate Certificate can be found here:

another S/MIME certificate

SHA1 fingerprint of this "GlobalSign GCC R3 PersonalSign 1 CA 2020" certificate (valid until 2029-03-18):

23 9F 82 86 1B 67 67 12 02 52 81 F1 4B 70 56 45 CD 88 B4 C1