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Your Favourite Mac Support

You have the following options.

Classic Communication Channels

Office: +49 30 40 69 69 29
Mobile: +49 151 400 69 699

Additional Communication Tools

iMessage/FaceTime: +49 151 40069699
Signal – Private Messenger: +49 151 40069699
Threema: J63B5ZNZ
Telegram: @MacOnBerlin
Wire: +49 151 40069699
Sid: macon*42244

Encrypted Email with GPG

If you are interested in encrypted and signed communication via OpenPGP, please use the latest GPG Suite and send an e-mail to the following address:

Feel free to download my current OpenPGP key 518C9D3A here (click the icon below).

Fingerprint of my OpenPGP key:

C35C 47B9 ED6E 8F2F 83CB DF70 31CA 065D 518C 9D3A